Venus Vol.1

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Venus Vol.1 In stock! Order now! Writer Rick LoverdArtist Huang DanlanISBN 978-1-60886-904-6Science fact and science fiction collide .. Product #: TP0017 Regular price:$$18.85 $18.85 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Rick Loverd
Artist Huang Danlan
ISBN 978-1-60886-904-6

Science fact and science fiction collide in this new story from Rick Loverd, Program Director for The Science and Entertainment Exchange, an organization that pairs expert scientists with storytellers. In 2150, Earth's resources have been depleted and countries race to outer space to mine what they need from other planets. A group of Americans making its way to Venus crash-lands on the planet, forcing them to do whatever it takes to navigate the harsh landscape in their journey to find the science base they were flying toward. In the vein of great adventure survival stories like Lost and The Martian, there's only one reality on Venus-adapt or die.