X-Men Gold Vol.7: Godwar

Manufacturer: Marvel Comics
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X-Men Gold Vol.7: Godwar In stock! Order now! Writer Monty Nero, Leah Williams, Marc GuggenheimArtist Pere Perez, Michele Bandini, Alitha Martinez.. Product #: TP0006 Regular price:$$16.97 $16.97 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Monty Nero, Leah Williams, Marc Guggenheim
Artist Pere Perez, Michele Bandini, Alitha Martinez, Djibril Morissette-Phan
ISBN 978-1-302-90977-2

Collects X-Men: Gold #31-36 and Annual #1.
The cake has been cut, the band has gone home — the most surprising X-Men wedding of all is over! But for Kitty Pryde and Colossus, the day has left them shaken…and with hard decisions to make. But what happens when Rachel Grey goes bad?! You’ve known her as Phoenix, Marvel Girl and Prestige… but all of that is gone. Only the Hound remains! Pray that she doesn’t catch your scent! Then, Ororo returns to the Kenyan village that once worshipped her as a goddess! But now that she wields Stormcaster, she actually is…isn’t she? The truth about Storm’s Asgardian hammer is revealed! Plus: The X-Men battle — the undead?! A day in the life of a Xavier Institute headmistress! And a brand new bouncing Braddock bundle of joy is the perfect excuse for an Excalibur reunion!