The Amazon #1-3

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The Amazon #1-3 In stock! Order now! Writer Steven T. SeagleArtist Tim Sale Το πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #1-3.The Amazon jungle is among t.. Product #: CI0193 Regular price:$$8.49 $8.49 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Steven T. Seagle
Artist Tim Sale

Το πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #1-3.

The Amazon jungle is among the most ancient and biologically diverse places on earth, but it's being plundered for its resources and destroyed at a rate of thousands of acres a day. Reporter Malcolm Hilliard travels to this remote land of mystery to investigate the disappearance of an American worker and the subsequent sabotage of a timber company. Once there, Malcolm learns about the local cultures and myths, experiences the dark underside of industrial progress, gets drugged and left to fend for himself in the jungle, and is confronted by the Spirit of the Amazon itself in Seagle and Sale's South American Heart of Darkness.

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