Dragon Prince #1-4

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Dragon Prince #1-4 In stock! Order now! Writer Ron MarzArtist Lee ModerΤο πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #1-4.Like a lot of teenagers, Aaron Chian.. Product #: CI0200 Regular price:$$11.32 $11.32 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Ron Marz
Artist Lee Moder

Το πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #1-4.

Like a lot of teenagers, Aaron Chiang feels he's never fit in, though he's never known why. But all that changes when he learns the truth of his heritage: He is the Dragon Prince, last of his kind and heir to the bloodline of all dragons. Hunted to the brink of extinction by a secret society of wizards, dragonkind's survival is now in Aaron's hands.

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