Ezra: Egyptian Exchange (TP)

Manufacturer: Arcana Comics
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Ezra: Egyptian Exchange (TP) In stock! Order now! Writer Sean O'ReillyArtist Alfonso RuizISBN 9781897548653Ezra has agreed with a renowned crime boss .. Product #: TP0034 Regular price:$$14.15 $14.15 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Sean O'Reilly
Artist Alfonso Ruiz
ISBN 9781897548653

Ezra has agreed with a renowned crime boss to complete an exchange. She will take, on his behalf, the Sword of Turrin and will exchange it with the Eye of the Serpent. Sounds easy, but the other party is the goddess Nephilia! But before Ezra can even began her quest she is abducted by brigands and is now imprisoned on their ship. Will she survive and how will she complete this quest?