Nieves (TP)

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Nieves (TP) In stock! Order now! Writer Justin RobinsonArtist Brad GreenISBN 9781926914770After the events depicted in Kade: Identity.. Product #: TP0033 Regular price:$$14.15 $14.15 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Justin Robinson
Artist Brad Green
ISBN 9781926914770

After the events depicted in Kade: Identity, Nieves returns home toher icy kingdom of Veserun to find it in turmoil. The death ofApollyon has sent ripples of evil throughout the world, awakening theancient demon Malkoth, imprisoned in the ice for thousands of years. His power weakened, but still potent, Malkoth’s corrupting influenceforces the ice elves to free him. The only one that stands againsthim is Nieves.