Law And Order #1-2

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Law And Order #1-2 In stock! Order now! Writer Marat Mychaels, Chris GoffardArtist Marat Mychaels, Fabio LagunaΤο πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #.. Product #: CI0188 Regular price:$$4.71 $4.71 Condition: excellent condition 1

Writer Marat Mychaels, Chris Goffard
Artist Marat Mychaels, Fabio Laguna

Το πακέτο περιέχει τα τεύχη #1-2.

Law and Order were created by Marat Mychaels and first appeared in Extreme #0. This story is retelling the origin of both Law and Order.

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ, κάποια τεύχη ενδέχεται να είναι ελάχιστα μεταχειρισμένα.